DiamondHeart Digital Helps Local Business “Beat” Facebook Ads

March 31, 2020

DiamondHeart Digital Marketing launches Heartbeats Marketing Campaigns for local small businesses, and affordably get the same media reach as national brands.

Munro Sickafoose, President of DiamondHeart Digital Marketing, announced this week that they will begin offering Heartbeats Marketing Campaigns for local small businesses. “These campaigns will fill a huge unmet need,” said Mr. Sickafoose. “These branding and visibility campaigns will allow small businesses to affordably enjoy the same media reach as national brands.”

Each marketing campaign creates hundreds of digital assets across major authority sites all over the internet, such as: podcasts, video, slideshows, blog articles, news articles and more. This omnipresent brand awareness drives traffic from multiple sources including YouTube, Google, News Sites, Podcast directories and more.

By leveraging multiple media sites, they can become the #1 choice in their local area for the specific problems they solve. These campaigns will reach thousands of potential customers searching online for local products & services. They will increase the digital footprint of the business and help drive that business to the top of local search results.

“Building brand awareness takes consistent repetition. Each campaign consists of a series of Marketing Heartbeats over a period of months. “ said Mr. Sickafoose. “How many Heartbeats and how many months depends on your business goals. We recommend a minimum of six months in order to effectively boost awareness of your brand and create the search results and new customer flow you want.”

It’s very important not to cut back on advertising and marketing during a recession. Studies have shown that businesses who cut ad spending during a recession typically see sales and income fall by 20-30 percent over the next couple of years. Ad spending also has long-term effects on sales of up to five years, so cutting advertising does long-term damage to one’s business, and firms that cut advertising take much longer to recover when the economy begins to improve.

DiamondHeart Digital Marketing also offers web design services to support the online marketing needs of customers, including Website In A Week, custom WordPress websites, and e-commerce sites with WooCommerce or Shopify. In addition, the company offers WordPress Care plans and managed hosting.

Call for a free consultation about how HeartBeats can build your brand and your business! 1-307-200-7173